Don’t Panic!!!!


Are you looking to buy or sell a bug bungalow?

Maybe Firefly Real Estate can help…

We are seeing a lot of panic in the market.. Agents and sellers worrying needlessly that if their property has been on the market for sale for thirty days and has not yet sold… they are panicking and reducing the price and worse yet… feeling frantic…

Let’s not panic…I believe, it’s going to be alright.

Remember the days (not so far past) wherein 6 months to one year on the market was a long time?

30 -90 days is nothing.

Of  course, sometimes, the property is overpriced for the  market… but this is not always the case.

We can courageously stand firm while the right buyer has an opportunity to purchase and visa versa…. Buyers can actively and courageous spend the time they need searching for the right property without panic.

If the most right property is not yet ready for sale (or on the market), it might be next month.  Your loan approval is typically good for three months.

Let’s not panic… let’s just take this change in the market all in stride… Good things come to those who actively wait courageously!

If you have bungalow questions, feel free to call Firefly Real Estate at 503-829-8328. 

Move In Ready Indoor Horse Arena

Do you dream of a 120’x 70’ Indoor Open Span riding arena that looks fabulous and is entirely useful?

For Sale: 26570 S. Hillockburn road, Estacada, Oregon

 “Beginning estimate for an arena this size would start at approximately $88,000. This estimate does not include excavation, power, water, overhead lighting, outlets, nor flooring material.” For further information please call your local professional: Jason Swigart, Owner, Pacific Northwest Construction, LLC
Save money and buy this beautiful property. Find easy loading and unloading from this large graveled landing area in front of the arena (street facing). Complete with 220 power, water, security lights. Shares a separate electric meter with shop. Wood frame and metal roof and siding. Opens to pasture. Over head lists. Floor is dirt, sand and chip mix..

What do you do when you get caught in Hwy 213 road construction?

Do you do Facial exercises? Try to beat box a tune? Request a song on the radio? Reprogram your reset buttons? Do deep breathing exercise’s? Brainstorm names for future pets? Practice your bubble gum blowing skills? Make a to-do list? Listen to audio books? Practice saying your ABC’s backwards? Wave to strangers in other cars? Organize your wallet? Look up properties for sale on Schedule property showings? Or do you thumb through the latest edition of the Real Estate Book?

To assist in easing your hwy 213 road construction discomfort in 2018… we are offering Rose colored glasses, unicorn bubbles and temporary hand puppet tattoos while supplies last…

We are right in the midst of Road construction; located at 27955 S. Hwy 213, Mulino, Oregon 97042. Don’t be dismayed by the absence of signage… feel free to stop by, we would love to see you!

Happy Road construction!

to ease construction discomfort